Eyes to the Sun is a thrash metalcore band from Richmond, Virginia. 

Eyes to the Sun tattoos our sound with our own age-old influences - a sound that blends the anguish and passion of the likes of UnEarth and KillSwitch Engage, with the driving crush of a Hatebreed or a Black Dahlia Murder. 

Originally formed in 2010, Eyes to the Sun was Scot Long (Guitar, Vocals), Garrett Grubbs (Vocals), Benjamin Rinker (Guitar, Vocals), Rob Baylor (Bass), and Jason Brown (Drums), who amongst them have a combined 60 years of bringing metal to stages in the Richmond area and beyond. This lineup was reformed from a prior project, Thousand Yard Stare, which performed around Central Virginia for a few years before its sunset in 2009. In 2020, Rob Baylor joined Eyes to the Sun on Bass duty to round out the Eyes to the Sun sound.  You’ve also seen these RVA metal vets take the stage with many projects over the years: Undone, Permanence, Preshus, Burn to the Core, Thousand Yard Stare, and Fifteen Minutes of Shame - just to name a few. 

Eyes to the Sun has been a working project for a few years, but now, with a solid lineup that creates the sound we want to hear, we want to bring that sound back out to the people.  Come see us, let's have a beer, and BANG YOUR HEAD!!!